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North Little Rock Manicure For Men

North Little Rock Manicure For Men

Are you thinking about a North Little Rock manicure for men? The debate on whether men should go for a manicure seems a never ending debate. It is better if we do not indulge ourselves in this stereotypical debate. Instead let’s do what we want. If we want to go for a manicure being a men then what is the problem in that? We also want clean hands and a hygienic body. Manicures are great fun and it is advised whether you are a man or woman because the care of your nails is important.

With the changing trends and more a metro sexual atmosphere all around, the hype created over men manicures is calming down. With more and more unisex salons and well equipped men salons, the mens manicure is becoming popular in a good sense. Many men also do not shy away from manicures now.

This positive change is being accepted all over but slowly, so don’t hold your breath, ladies!

If you do decide to get a manicure for men, know that it can be done at cheap rates in any near by salon where you can go and get it done. We recommend Posh Nails of course! 🙂

What should you expect when you get a male manicure? Not much different from what the ladies do (except for the polish!) The process involves cleaning your hands, a great idea before a date, especially if you’ve been working on your car or other activities that stain your hands. It will also involve a massage. Nothing scary about that, right? And then someone will clip and file your nails and cuticles so you look tidy. (The women like tidy!)

Also, your nail professional will let you know if you have any problems with your nails like infections or fungus. (Who doesn’t want to deal with that right?) You think James Bond has funky hands and nails? He most certainly does not!

nlr manicures for men

Oh, look at those hands!

After doing it you will definitely feel cleaner. You can do it on a regular basis without having any sort of doubts regarding men manicuring in your mind.

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