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Shellac Gel Polish

Shellac gel polish is a beautiful treatment for your nails that lasts much longer than other polishes. It is sometimes called varnish. It lasts longer than regular polish and provides a glossy finish. It is a combination of gel and regular polish which is water resistant and seals the nail for protection. There is a three step process involved and is hardened with a UV light.

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A shellac gel manicure provides a seamless finish for your nails which is shiny, glossy and beautiful. Besides that they are truly smudge free and chip free, which is something you really want in any nail treatment. CND (California Nail Design) specifically designed shellac nail polishes to offer those with chipping problems a manicure solution that lasts up to 2 weeks without chips.

Shellac Nail Polish vs Gel Nail Polish

Better than simple gel based polishes, shellac nail polishes are more healthy for your nails because they are extra refined and can be used for hands or toe nails.

Of course there are some things to consider when using these polishes. You have to have undamaged cuticles and healthy nails to begin with. So if yours aren’t, do something else. instead (maybe the dipping powder for nails). A nail care expert will be able to assess whether or not you should go forward with shellacs.

The CND shellac nail polish colors will go with just about any outfit, occasion, or feeling you might want to match. For starters there are some very popular gel nail polish colors like violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, rose, wine, brick and coral.

Nail Strengthener

Would you be surprised to discover that shellacs have a nail strengthener included in their formula? Don’t disregard the warnings above and by the company concerning healthy nails, but these nail paints have a moisturizing ability to protect your healthy nails from dryness and flaking. Yea!

Another really great thing about shellacs is that they are extremely durable. You won’t have to get your nails done as often. They don’t have to have UV light to work. Just brush on the gel and you are well on your way to a fantastic shellac gel polish manicure.

Nail styling this way with over 70+ shellac gel polish colors to choose from makes this a great option for those wanting to ensure their nails are radiant and beautiful for the upcoming festivities.